In the beginning of 2001 I allowed some friends, in a anonymous way, to tell me what they think what are the good things and bad things about me. I know that it is easier to ask it to our friends, since they rarely have bad things to tell about us, but on the other hand they are the ones who know us the best. Only a few answered the inquiry, but from the opinions sent I could know they think:

That I am "a person with a lot of sensibility" "and with a good nature". I go "to work very early in morning and by bicycle", that I know "how to seize life" and I turn " interesting the little things in the day-to-day living". I knew how to profit from "one opportunity that allowed" me "to know a 'little' of the world and the people, a thing that usually escapes the common mortal". I take "very beautiful pictures"… "mmm… marvellous!"

But, that I have "a bad temper" and that I am "sadist" because my "chronicles arouse envy in those who read it" though "I have the knack of writing californian chronicles".

And, above all, that I have "a companion that equals me".

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